Instant Texas Home Owner Insurance Quote

Scenario: You’re in the market for a new home in Texas. You’ve visited the new home countless times. You even have the color for the new carpet picked out and ordered! The only thing you haven’t done yet is sign your name on the dotted like finalizing the deal.

Actually, there’s one more thing you haven’t done gotten your instant Texas home owner insurance quote.

Getting a home owner insurance quote for your new Texas home before the home is actually yours is wise during the process of buying a new home. Firstly, you want to know what kind of premiums you are looking at by insuring your new home especially if you have used a lender to purchase the home. Secondly, having your home professionally inspected to help determine how high or low your Texas home owner insurance quote will be also helps you figure out what kinds of repairs and replacements need to be made to the home.

You can conduct a simple home inspection yourself, too.

Make sure there is no dangerous debris on the property you’re purchasing.

Make sure your refrigerator, stove, and built-in microwave work (if they were included with the home), as well as the exhaust and garbage disposal.

Make sure all water facets work properly, that there are no leaks under the sinks, and that all toilets flush properly.

Make sure all light fixtures, and switches, work properly.

Open and close each window and door.

Check for cracks or weak areas in the floors, walls, and ceiling.

Check the cooling and heating systems separately.

Your home inspector will undoubtedly perform these same checks, so if you find something suspicious, let him know. He will also inspect your attic, basement, and garage, as well your home’s exterior.

These factors and more will affect your instant Texas home owner insurance quote, so make repairs as soon as possible.

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