Internet Super TV – Do You Need a Television Anymore

Internet Super TV is one name for a popular program you can download online. Officially called Super Internet TV by Ahusoft, the creator of the program, this program lets you stream over 2,200 television channels on your computer, as well as over 500 radio stations.

Super Internet TV is a free program, and there are no hidden charges like the need to pay for content once you download it. You simply download the program, install it and it allows you to watch all these television channels and listen to the radio stations through your computer.

One very neat feature of this super Internet television application is that you can stream these stations from over 100 countries around the world. You can stream shows and radio directly from foreign countries. You can listen to Spanish radio one minute and watch a television show from Germany the next.

That’s something that you can’t do with popular cable and satellite television programming packages. Even if you’re paying over $100 a month for everything, you have a limited number of stations and sporting events you can watch, usually not anywhere near the almost 3,000 choices you have with a super Internet streaming TV program.

Any streaming TV on the Internet that’s free is a good deal since you’re not paying for it at all. But when you have so many choices and can watch shows from so many different countries it becomes hard to resist.

If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t already pay for television programming through a cable or satellite provider, now you don’t need to. While there’s a chance that the one show you want to see might not be available, with those kinds of numbers it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to watch the things you really want to see.

If you don’t pay for television, you know how little there is to see on TV. A digital convertor box lets you watch television, but you get a handful of local and basic stations. Unfortunately, to watch anything more than that, you’ll need to pay from $30 and up per month to subscribe to cable or satellite television.

While many hit TV shows are on basic broadcast stations that you can see with only a converter box, an increasing number of popular and award-winning shows are on cable networks.

HBO, for instance, gets more Emmy nominations than any other station and has for about a dozen years. And to see HBO, you have to pay an extra subscription charge in addition to the monthly cable or satellite fee. With just basic cable and this one station, your television bill can be $70 a month or more.

With a program like Internet super TV and similar applications, you won’t have to pay for programming. You may not be able to stream HBO or other specific “by subscription” channels, but you’ll have so many others, well over 2,000, to choose from that you probably won’t miss it.

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