Is Las Vegas a Breeding Ground for Terrorists?

Even though there are many people who insist that the Mexican and Canadian borders are too open of places in order to allow terrorists to come into the United States, but what about the people and terrorists that are already living in the United States? Indeed, you can be assured that there are Islamic terrorists that have already entered the United States. Some people contend that Las Vegas is the perfect place for these criminals to hide out, but others suggest that Las Vegas is simply too busy of a place to attract any sort of terrorist activity whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is always possible that terrorists are living and breathing among us, and here are just some of the reasons that many people believe that Las Vegas is a breeding ground for terrorists:

The Perfect Place to Hide

Even though Las Vegas, just like New York City, seems like it would be the exact opposite of a place for terrorists to hide it is actually the very opposite and there are plenty of would-be terrorists that are already hiding out in New York City. Because of this, though, why wouldn’t Las Vegas be the perfect place to hide? There are literally millions of people gambling and filling up spots in the casinos that terrorists would absolutely have no clue that they were being watched. In addition, the feeling that many people get when going to Las Vegas casinos is the fact that they feel like one small fish in the sea. Because of these feelings and comforts also, there are many people who feel that Las Vegas would be the perfect place to hide a cell of inter-connected terrorist groups planning to attack on the United States’ soil.

What No One Knows

Just as there are millions of people who attend the Las Vegas casinos each and every day, there are also so many of these people that just have no idea how security works in Las Vegas. According to the United States’ Department of Homeland Security, there are plenty of ways in which they can keep an eye on whoever has checked into the hotel and whoever is currently playing on the Craps table. Aside from common information that can be obtained, many of the authority figures of the federal government are now relying on high tech information in order to able not only recognize people’s faces, but to also recognize facial expressions that may be codes and signs for other meanings.

As mentioned, there are plenty of federal authorities already keeping an eye on the many people who participate in the Las Vegas casinos. There are also plenty of these federal authorities that believe that Las Vegas could truly be a breeding ground for terrorists. On the other hand, with all the security measures in place they have failed to capture anyone of real significance who has big ties to any of the terrorist networks.

All in all, though, it may be possible that those who are engaging in terrorist activities are staying among the common folks and wealthy people of the Las Vegas culture. However, it is very doubtful that many of these so-called terrorist will get away with any of their activities if security is as tight as it is made out to be. In the end, though, it seems as thought it only appears to be one big hoax and worry for nothing because Las Vegas is certainly protected and can guard itself against terrorists that try to attack!

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