Is Manic Depression / Bipolar Disorder What Becomes of Mistreated Depression?

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric diagnostic classification of so-called ‘mood disorders’ where a person experiences depression and/or a manic state, hypomania or a mixture of these states, whereas ‘major depression’ or ‘unipolar disoder’ is a single short or long bout of depression without the countering manic attributes.

In my humble opinion depression is just a sign that we need to rediscover what it is that inspires us and makes us feel satisfied with living life. It’s like a deeper layer of self is saying “I’m not happy. I’m not happy.” Until we finally listen and find something that makes us feel happy. Is it possible that manic depression and most types of bipolar disorders are simply this same voice becoming more insistent?

In extreme cycling of manic and depressed states could it be this same inner voice has grown so frustrated with our inability to take its cues and redirect our lives toward more satisfying activities and foci that it adamantly paints examples of happiness with bouts of uncontainable mania?

It seems that the mind-body whole will always strive to find happiness and a sense of wellbeing. Perhaps manic depression is the imminent discovery of a reordering of one’s life to find what it is that makes us feel most happy and satisfied as the person we are today.

Change is the only constant and so we each have our ways of making sure it doesn’t happen too fast. Sometimes our perspectives become outdated and we’re given signs like depression to help us realize that we need to redefine our ideas of happiness. So if you’re feeling depressed, instead of reaching for medication, try to sit back and relax as you redirect yourself toward a life and perspective that fits you more comfortably, as “this too shall pass”.

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