Just Face It, Your Kids Think You’re an Artifact

Do you remember when you were young and you felt like you would never grow up? Thirty seemed like a really old age and you would not have to worry because it would take forever for you to get there anyway.

You also thought your parents were artifacts who must have been born in the Stone Age. They had no clue about what you liked and what kind of problems and issues you faced every day in life.

Well, you did grow up, and quickly. Now you are over thirty and have a couple of kids who are getting to be the age you were when you thought that about your parents. You, however, have made a conscious effort to keep your kids from thinking that you and your spouse are artifacts.

But it is not going to work, not matter how hard you try. You can think you are an amazing parent who totally understands

what your kids are feeling and going through because you went through it to at a time. But they do not think that way.

They think you are an old geezer who would not understand what they are going through in life even if it bit you in the pants. Do not fret about it. It is a common result of having kids who are growing up and they will also have kids who will treat them that way someday.

It is human (or kids) nature and it is futile to try and stop them from feeling that way.

The best way to go about it is to simply acknowledge that yes, you are artifacts and you have no idea what is going on with

their lives. Then let them try to figure out their problems on their own and eventually come back to you for guidance.

Trust this fact, it will happen sooner or later.

The most important thing is to remember that your kids do love you but they are going through that stage when they are

too cool for everything and life is the most unfair piece of work ever. Those feelings will pass and eventually you will be

best friends with your children again.

However, for now, let them think that they are the most amazing and smart people in the world who can figure out everything

for themselves. Remember, you are just artifacts who would not know a real problem like they have and you could not possible understand what they are going through.

Instead, simply sit back, relax and smile as they go through the teenage drama that all kids go through and laugh and say

that you told them so when they ask you for advice.

Then someday when they have their own kids, they will come back to you and say how their kids do not know anything and you

can remind them of their past and have a good laugh. Welcome to the unpopular parent club! Population: every parent in the world.

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