Knit Afghans

Knit afghans are among the most prized of Afghans. They have the time and perseverance of the person that made them stitched into the very fibers that make up the rug. It can take one person many years to produce a single rug. This can cause the price of the rug to go from two-three hundred dollars of material to fifteen thousand dollars for the price of the finished product.

Very few people have the skills necessary to make fine rugs nowadays and so the price has risen even more. Most people who have the skill pass it on as a family heirloom, along with the material and afghans that they already have. Some people may have such skill, that they can make the rugs into blankets that not only keep the person warm, but they add vivid coloring to the room and the material is strong enough to last a long time.

This, along with the lack of people to make them, has made the afghan rather rare in open market. To find a good, high quality, knit afghan, one may have to go to a foreign country just to be closer to the people with natural inherited skill in the production of the rugs. Knit afghans are even more exquisite than ordinary machine-produced rugs. They have a personal touch to them.

The patterns are unique and the colors are exquisite. If one person takes the time to produce such a beautiful piece of art, they want to put their best effort into it. Therefore, people will often knit the afghan in such a way that it far surpasses the quality of other rugs. It is more than just a rug to them though.

Some people use them as murals on the wall. Other people, more willing to make something from nothing, sell their hard work to make a living and let other people use the afghans as rugs. People do not appreciate the hard work that it takes to make such a fine piece of art. Some people even feel that if the knowledge of how to make an afghan is not passed on to children, then they are losing some part of their culture, for afghans are part of the culture in Afghanistan and people just don’t know.

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