Las Vegas Honeymoons

There are many couples who go to Las Vegas in order to get married and tie the knot. On the other hand, there are just as many couples that don’t necessarily tie the knot here, but still choose to experience the Las Vegas magic by keeping their honeymoon here. There are plenty of things to do, though, while on your honeymoon, however, the most important thing to consider about a Las Vegas honeymoon is the place that you’ll be staying. Since your honeymoon will probably be defined by the hotel and experience that you have while visiting Las Vegas, it’s important to have that honeymoon suite and experience-of-a-lifetime! Many people and couples say that they can truly experience the magic while staying in one of the romantic honeymoon getaways, and here are some of the opportunities to do just that when looking for a Las Vegas honeymoon experience:

The Paris Hotel

Everyone always says that Paris is the city for lovers, so what better what to spend your honeymoon than shacked up in a Las Vegas hotel that’s designed to be just as the Eiffel Tower building in true Paris? Indeed, the Paris Hotel is literally a 50-story copycat replica of the Eiffel Tower in famous Paris, but it also has all of the romantic options that come with it. For couples who want to experience the full-on honeymoon there are plenty of all-inclusive romantic packages that include full room service for two, honeymoon breakfasts, champagnes, chocolates, as well as private access to a Jacuzzi and plenty more experiences that honeymoon couples desire for their night alone!

The MGM Grand Hotel

Even though there is no official room that is labeled just for honeymooners, there are a whole bunch of different options to choose from when staying at this Las Vegas hotel. For marriage honeymooning couples, though, a couple of the suites that they might enjoy are the Celebrity Spa suites, as well as The Signature suite of the MGM Grand. Both of these accommodations have a luxurious whirlpool spa for the couple to enjoy together, but they also include plenty of space within the suite to enjoy as well. There is just no match for the MGM Grand Hotel when it comes to choice and style, and honeymoon couples are going to be hard-pressed to find a hotel just exactly like this one!

These are not the only hotels that honeymoon couples have to choose from, though, when trying to decide on romantic packages and getaways. A couple of the other world-famous and world-class hotels that routinely have honeymoon couple check in include the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas as well as the Ritz-Carlton Las Vegas Hotel. Both of these stays have accommodations that are unbelievable and some of the packages that they offer for romance and a honeymoon getaway are fantastic as well!

Altogether, though, all of these packages throughout Las Vegas hotels are certain to make anyone feel in a romantic mood when settling down for the night in a comfortable Las Vegas style honeymoon suite. Along with suites, though, honeymoon couples are sure to enjoy the rest of the experiences that Las Vegas has to offer!

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