Liquid Force Kiteboards Are Hot Looking and Responsive

If you’ve been looking for something fun to do during the summer months, you might decide to take up a new outdoor sport. One of the most popular sports that is taking hold is called kite boarding, also known as kite surfing. In a nutshell, kite surfing involves the use of the special board and a kite which powers the person on the board. Similar to water skiing where a boat with supply the power to the skier, a kite surfer is pulled along by the air currents from the kite. Liquid force kiteboards are quickly becoming a popular equipment choice among serious kite surfers.

Before you go buying kite surfing equipment, it’s first important to understand that there are many components to learning this special sport. You can’t simply go out and buy a kite and a surfboard and hope to be successful. In fact, it can be quite dangerous to try to attempt kiteboarding without some kind of training from a professional. People have lost their lives or been severely injured in kite boarding accidents in recent years largely because they were not properly trained.

So what kind of equipment do you need? As far as basic gear, you will need what’s called a power kite. There are two kinds of power kites: foil kites and leading edge inflatables. A leading edge inflatable, otherwise known as LEI, is normally made from ripstop nylon with a plastic inflatable bladder that goes across the front edge of the kite with separate smaller bladders that are perpendicular to the main bladder (which form the cord or foil of the kite).

LEI kites are pretty popular among kite surfers because they are quicker and have a more direct response to the inputs of the rider. They are also much easier to relaunch after crashing into the water, and they are pretty resilient too.

Foil kites are made mostly of fabric and have air pockets which provide it with lift. It also has a fixed bridle which allows it to maintain its arc shape kind of like a paraglider.

Liquid force kiteboards are popular not just because of their cool look, but also because of the many variations you can purchase. There are several retailers online who offer these kinds of kite boards, and it’s easy to find just the right one for your level of experience. The key is getting only the basics until you learn the sport at a more advanced level.

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