Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed – Toddler Beds

Have you seen them? They are so cute! The Little Tikes sports car twin bed comes in red, blue, and pink. Perfect for ages 3 and up, boys and girls can zoom off to dreamland in their very own sports car.

Wait till you see these bed frames. They look so much like the real thing. All you need to complete the package is a twin mattress and box spring. The bed frame is the actual car shape and has big racing wheels and sits close to the floor just like the real thing sits close to the road.

A really cool bed can make the transition form a crib to a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ bed much easier. Sometimes moving out of a crib into a bigger bed can be an intimidating experience. Your child might be a little unsure of the whole idea but a cool new car bed may help them forget all about being afraid.

With two mattress heights available you can adjust to your child’s growth. So basically the bed can grow with your child. And you don’t even have to feed it. Your little one may like his or her bed so much they may never want to get out of it.

Getting a little larger twin bed instead of the smaller toddler bed can also save you some money. A twin bed can see your child all the way through toddlers to ‘tween and then to teen. this might very well be the last bed you will have to buy for your child.

Probably not, but they will be so proud that they have the coolest bed of all their friends. Be prepared for many, many sleepovers hosted at your house all because of your child’s bedroom decor. Their friends may never want to leave.

Made from the finest materials and built with quality construction the Little Tikes sports car twin bed will stand the test of time and be sure to hold up to all the wear and tear your child and their friends can dish out.

LIttle Tikes has been around for a long time (My kids are grown and I used to buy them all kinds of Little Tikes toys) so you know that this is a brand you can trust. The quality and workmanship will last for many years and maybe even through many kids.

There are many places you can buy your bed. A good idea is to start online. What better way to be able to price shop without having to travel all over town? If you choose to buy online just make sure that the site you deal with is reputable, most of them are. Also take shipping and handling costs into account when comparing prices between online stores and off. In most cases it’s still cheaper to order online even when you factor in shipping costs.

Your little tike will just love their new Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed. You may love it just as much as they do if they don’t fight you so much when it is time for bed!

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