Making the Most of Your Donations

When you give your money to help make a difference in the world, you want it to have the greatest impact. An immediate way to multiply the power of your donated funds is to give where your funds are matched.

Check if your employer matches funds donated by employees. Several companies do this. Follow their process and you will multiply the influence of your charitable giving right away.

There are also organizations that have partners committed to matching funds received. Two of these organizations are:

Giving Globally – Every $100 gift donated to Giving Globally sends over $850 in supplies, services, and healing to people in need around the world. This is due to the commitment of generous partners. You can learn more about the mission of Giving Globally at

Modest Needs – An anonymous donor, throughout 2006, will match your monthly pledge of any size. Your donated funds will be leveraged and help twice as many families! You can discover the influence Modest Needs has had at

Consider giving in a way that will multiply your contribution and maximize the impact of your goodwill. It doesn’t matter whether you can give large or small amounts. It does matter that you take action and give from your heart.

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