Mexican Insurance – How To Choose A Plan

Why Your Current Plan Is Not Enough

While your current auto insurance may offer limited coverage along the border regions of Mexico, in most cases it only covers costs for you and your car. The Republic of Mexico requires proof that you can pay for costs due to injuries or death of persons not in your vehicle, property damage caused by your vehicle, and medical expenses for other persons in your vehicle. There is an additional consideration in that authorities will not RECOGNIZE the policy as legitimate unless it is written by an admitted Mexican Insurance Carrier. This is why you must purchase a Mexican insurance policy from a company authorized to do business in Mexico.

How to Find a Mexican Insurance Plan

It is highly recommended that you purchase Mexican auto insurance before entering Mexico with your car. Although Mexican insurance can be purchased from various vendors just prior to crossing the border, you will have great difficulty verifying if your policy is from a quality company approved by the Mexican government, if you have the proper coverage for your trip, if the areas or activities that you plan to do are excluded, or if you even paid the best price for the policy.

The easiest and quickest way to find Mexican auto insurance is online. Look for sites that offer more than one policy, and allow you to compare and customize quotes for the policies they offer.

What to Look For In a Mexican Insurance Plan

The minimum insurance required by Mexican law is liability coverage. However, depending on the severity, location, and/or length of the investigation by authorities this will not be enough. When selecting a plan, look for one that offers at least the following:

Third Party (Civil) Liability

Medical Expenses for Driver and Occupants

Medical and Travel Assistance

Physical Damage and Total Theft of Vehicle

Legal Assistance and Bail Bond

Roadside Assistance

Urgent Message Services

Make sure the plan covers you during your entire stay. Most plans have daily, six month, and annual policies. You may find it cheaper to purchase a policy with a longer coverage period if you plan to stay close to 4 weeks or a month.

In addition, take into consideration the type of activities you plan to enjoy and their locations. Look for plans that offer medical emergency options with very few limitations or exclusion such as:

Maximum of Number of Passengers (Other Plans Only Cover Up To 4 Passengers)

Monetary Limits for Any Service Including Expensive Air or Land Evacuation (Look for Assist America because they have NO Monetary limits)

Rural Mexico Territory Exclusion

Exclusions for Pre-Conditions (Except Late Pregnancy)

Sport or Adventure Activity Exclusions (Surfing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Snorkeling, Kayaking Or Diving)

Civil War or Terrorism Exclusions

What you Should Get When You Purchase Your Mexican Insurance Plan

When you purchase your policy, you should receive the following from the insurance provider:

Authentic and recognized Mexican auto insurance policy

Accident instructions and essential policy information

Important phone numbers

Premium payment receipt

These items should be kept in your car at all times while traveling in Mexico. Write down your Policy number(s)& important telephone numbers and put it in your wallet or purse. This way you can get help if you are not near your vehicle or if your vehicle can’t be found.

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