Modern Nursing Care

Modern nursing care is just as huge range of care taking as it always has been, if not more. Nurses are eclectic healers in that they attend to so many and various aspects of patient health, from record keeping and medication administration to temperature tracking , recording of measurements, and daily diet.

All of these basic elements are critical to optimal health. For example diet is important for many different type of patients with different needs while hospitalized. There are many patients who must go on clear diets where only juices, clear broths and tea can be consumed in preparation for surgery or to help conserve energy while the body fights off infection.

Light diets are common during hospitalization to discourage upset stomach and those other common types of mild digestive upset. Typically light diets will not include anything overly spicy, fatty, fried or raw fruits of vegetables are allowed on a light foods diet.

In many parts of the world advanced practice nurses are allowed to distribute and prescribe medication, whereas all registered nurses can administer medication that has been prescribed by a physician. This means that scheduling and management of patient medications is a primary responsibility of nursing care.

In order for patient records to remain accurate and informative, nurses are also responsible for properly recording treatment decisions as well as results. Daily temperature and other patient measurements must be recorded in order to have relevant information on hand to put toward future treatment plans.

For more information on nursing, the history of nursing or other details of the profession, take a look at the Nursing entry at Wikipedia found here:

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