Montana Mountain Bike Trips

Montana is a beautiful state with lots of places to go mountain biking. In fact the state is a mountain bikers dream. Montana mountain bike trips are fun for groups or even to go by yourself. It’s also fun to take the whole family on a Montana mountain bike trip. There are trails for every level rider from beginner to advanced so everyone will be able to ride at their own skill.

When planning your Montana mountain bike trip start by gathering all the information you need. If you’re going in the summer you may want to try camping. This gives you a more interesting perspective. Of course there are hotels that are located near mountain trails. Look online to get the latest trail information so you’re prepared.

If you’re driving to your Montana mountain bike trip you can bring your own bikes along. If you’re flying that may not be possible. Consider renting your mountain bike for your stay. There are cycle shops that rent mountain bikes by the day. Even if you can’t bring your own bike on your Montana mountain bike trip you should at least plan on bringing your own helmet, cycle shoes, gloves and eyewear. These are easy to carry and you’ll be more comfortable using your own gear.

Plan your Montana mountain bike trip before you go. Look at the photos online to see what the area looks like. This will help you feel more comfortable once you arrive. Check out the various trails to see how to schedule your time. Not all riders in your group may be suited to the same level of difficulty so keep that in mind when you plan your days. Try to choose trails that are challenging for everyone yet not impossible for the newer riders.

Be sure to plan some other fun activities. You can’t be on your bike 24/7. Take a break and check out the local attractions. Do some local sightseeing and dine at the local restaurants. When you arrive get some trail maps so that you are ready for your Montana mountain bike experience. Never go mountain biking alone and especially not on a trail you aren’t familiar with. Always stay in groups for safety reasons.

Prepare for your Montana mountain bike trip by practicing your riding techniques. This is especially important if you’re new to the sport. You may soon be facing some of the most challenging trails you have seen. Remember to use caution and keep safety in mind when you’re starting out on the trails. You don’t want to end up getting hurt the first day out. Know your own limitations and take the trails that are best for your own abilities.

Whether you go with a group of friends or with your family you’ll be sure to have a great time and learn a lot when you take a Montana mountain bike trip. Stay safe, keep in groups and don’t do more than you can handle and you will certainly have a fun trip.

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