Mortgage Life Insurance Bracing Your Home For Disaster

Mortgage life insurance may just be the most powerful security systems that has ever emerged with a focus of bracing your home for disaster. Having an insurance policy to cover the amount of your outstanding home mortgage will ensure the ability of your loved ones to stay in the home in the event of your death.

Two decades ago, excited new homebuyers could expect to own their own lot plot of surburbia sometime over the course of the next three decades. But times have changed, and so have home mortgages. Forty year and fifty year mortgages are now being made available to an increasing number of applicants. The possibility of you not living to see the “burning” of your mortgage papers is highly likely. If your family cannot afford the mortgage without you, then you must purchase life insurance to protect them.

You would be wise to take out two insurance policies, one for you and one for your spouse. Even if your spouse does not work, mortgage life insurance has the ability to provide widowed spouses with a world of good-even if they’ve never spent one day working outside of the home. In fact, as long as they are contributing to the monthly bills, each adult member of your household should have an insurance policy that will cover the balance of the mortgage if they die. And contributing doesn’t necessarily refer to ponying up any dough toward household expenses. Packing lunches, wiping noses, kissing boo-boos, and reading The Cat In The Hat a record four hundred and fifty-two times also counts as “a household contribution.” If that caregiver passes away, how much will it cost to put your children in daycare? Would you still be able to afford your home and the daycare?

So, you’re middle-aged and not married. It’s beginning to look as if you are eternally destined to check the SINGLE box on your IRS tax forms, think you don’t need mortgage life insurance protection? Think again. For single, purchasing mortgage life insurance can pay off the balance of your home mortgage. Give your beneficiaries the freedom, security and time to make an intelligent decision about what to do with your estate.

By purchasing mortgage life insurance protection for yourself and your loved ones, you will lessen the devastation caused by the death of a family member, and shouldn’t you consider all possibilities when it comes to the safety of your loved ones?

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