Motocross Racing Versus Auto Racing

There are many individuals who are enthusiastic about auto racing throughout the world. There are many national races that take place across the United States to get excited about and the Indianapolis 500 is one of those auto racing events. But if you’re interested in racing then chances are that you’ve heard of motocross racing. Before we get into the battle of whether motocross racing is better than auto racing or vice versa, though, it would be beneficial to understand just exactly what motocross racing is and what all the hype is about.

What Is Motocross?

You may be surprised to find this out, but motocross racing actually has nothing to do with auto racing. For that matter, it actually has nothing to do with automobiles, either, at least not the four-wheeled ones. On the other hand, motocross racing is all about racing motorcycles. It turns out that there is actually a whole venue for motocross and motorcycle racing, but most of it doesn’t take place at all where the typical auto racing events take place. For starters, the track in a motocross race is very different from that of an auto race because it’s usually one a couple miles long. Whereas auto racing takes place in large cities usually, such as the Daytona 500 or Indy 500, motocross racing usually takes place in the outdoors and in back rural areas.

Another difference that motocross racing has with auto racing is the fact that there are several obstacles along the way to the finish line. Since motorcycle racers actually race through rough terrain that typically goes through back wooded areas, there aren’t a whole lot of good obstacles that would make the race too difficult other than the road they’re riding on. For difficult obstacles to take place there are usually man-made formed piles of dirt that the racers have to maneuver through before they get to the finish line.

Which racing is better?

There are a great deal of opinions on what kind of racing is better, but it’s probably safe to say that many people would choose auto racing over motocross racing any day. For one thing, auto racing seems to be more of a safer sport than motocross does. There are less obstacles, more protection in the car than anyone could ever have while riding a motorcycle, and the racetrack for auto racing events is pretty standard and predictable as opposed to those who engage in motocross racing.

A second reason that should lead everyone to believe that auto racing is better than motocross racing is the fact that millions of people turn out each year to attend two of the most beloved events in auto racing: the Daytona 500 and Indy 500. Not nearly as many people turn out to witness motocross events, which is why auto racing is more popular.

Whether you are into motocross racing or not, though, the simple fact of the matter is that auto racing is definitely more popular than motocross and motorcycle events ever will be. Not only is there more interest in automobiles, but people and families all across the United States share in the joy of watching auto racing events!

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