My Favorite Scuba Gear Website

If you haven’t been to you should really check it out. One of the most inclusive scuba gear websites I’ve ever been to, has a store, online scuba gear reviews, professional advice and much more all in one place. It is convenient to have all kinds of scuba-related information and access to products like this all in one site.

Besides scuba gear items for sale the site also offers several scuba-related information sections.
In the photo and videos section you can upload your own pictures the next time you go on a diving trip and bring along your photography gear or take a look at all the various scuba diving photos that have been sent in by readers and other scuba divers just like you.

The travel section is split into dive guides for different areas of the world, as well as sections for diving travel packages. Find out where to go and once you’re there how to find the best scuba diving spots and interests. In the training section of the site there are some good points about basic techniques and their definitions, as well as other reference material handy to beginner and moderate level scuba divers.

In the ‘Gear’ section you’ll find several different scuba gear items as well as a scuba gear finder tool that you can use to quickly browse through the specific type of gear that you need. Choose from high-tech items such as dive computers and lights, as well as miscellaneous gear, masks, snorkels, gear bags and more. also offers all the basics as well. Tanks and weights come in a variety of sizes, as do their snorkels and masks. There is also a complete regulator section. This is one of my all time favorite scuba gear websites.

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