NASCAR: The Best Auto Racing Weekend

Whether you love auto racing or you hate the sport, there is no doubt in the mind of millions of people that NASCAR definitely is one of the most popular organizations and auto races of all time. In fact, many people make a weekend out of NASCAR races every year when the auto racing season comes upon us. There definitely have been some exciting times in the NASCAR auto racing industry and there are just too many incidents to name here. However, there have been very important people in the life of NASCAR and if you are worth your salt then you probably already know many of the names that are about to be listed. Here is that list of people, though, that brought NASCAR to the forefront of every person in the United States who was excited about auto racing.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale was nicknamed “The Intimidator” by all the rest of the auto racing drivers on the track, and he definitely lived up to his name. Dale Earnhardt was perfect for auto racing, but unfortunately his career had to come to a screeching halt when his life ended just a few years ago. Many people remember the seven great championships that he won in the auto racing industry and many of his accomplishments and records remain to this day. But now his son, Dale Earnhardt Junior, has taken over the playing field. Even though his son cannot take the place, by any means, of the original Dale Earnhardt, he still is doing a great job in the auto racing industry!

Jeff Gordon

He is the NASCAR famous individual who has appeared on plenty of cereal boxes, commercials, books that have been published, documentaries, as well as plenty of other Jeff Gordon auto racing memorabilia. There are all sorts of things to love about this auto racing champ, though. He has actually won over eighty auto races during his career and his accomplishments continue to grow each day that he’s alive!

Richard Petty

Even though this auto racing champ has won over 200 races in his lifetime, he cannot be compared to the first two NASCAR champions simply because he raced in a different time than Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt. Nevertheless, Richard Petty has still been very popular among auto racing fans and many fans continue to look up to Richard Petty for the goals that he accomplished!

These are only some of the famous individuals in the auto racing industry, however. For example, besides these three famous NASCAR championships, there has also been David Pearson and Darrell Waltrip, just to name a couple of the more famous people in auto racing. Furthermore, all of the excitement with all of these men indicates that NASCAR definitely has an influence over those excited about auto racing. Indeed, NASCAR has long been an auto racing tradition and there are many ways to commemorate those who not only have won and lost their lives, but those who continue to race today!

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