New Tool From Procash – Background Check is a resource that enables you to do a background check on anyone living within the US. It collects the data from thousands of public and private sources. When you add the first and last name of a person, the instantbackgroundreport’s instant lookup system will scan the data and prepare a complete report on that person. You have the option of conducting a nation wide search and you can also search a particular state.

Staterecords can be very useful in a lot of different situations. For instance, you are hiring someone to work for you and you want to make a background check; with the instantbackgroundreport online data base you can know about the background of your employee in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, it would be expensive to hire a professional to do it. Similarly, you can search the state court records, inmate records, bankruptcy, sex offender, property, people, legal judgments, tax, phone number, address, birth and divorce records. The records stored in their database are constantly updated.

The terms of service of instantbackgroundreport clearly state that only individuals who are United States residents and 18 years of age or older may create an account and conduct searches on the Websites. The accounts should be used by individuals only and you are strictly prohibited from allowing third parties to use your account.

It’s the user’s responsibility to keep the confidentiality of his account. The purpose of the account should be to hold harmless CIS Nationwide searches. You are also asked to notify instantbackgroundreport immediately if you become aware or suspect that any third party is using your account.

Searching state records instead of a national database has an advantage- you can limit the possibility of false positive returns. With national records you may get the record of someone else who has the same name as the person you are looking for. On the other hand, you could limit your searches to those states only where the person whose record you are searching has stayed.

The information that you get from this website is within the boundaries set by state and federal law. You cannot use the website to find personal financial information such as social security number and bank accounts to be accessible to the public. This is important because it prevents people from using this information from committing fraud.

With the wealth of data that instantbackgroundreport’s members have access to, it should be their responsibility that the reports that they are obtaining from the website be used for the right purposes. Using it for other purposes than what the law permits may force lawmakers to change the law in order to restrict access to it. This is something that shouldn’t happen because the information on this website can be useful to so many people.

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