Nextel Ringtones: Some History

Nextel has been and continues to be the leader when it comes to breakthroughs in ring tone technology and services related to cell phone extras. In keeping with this reputation, Nextel ringtones are quite varied in terms of what all is available on their site or directly through your Nextel cell phone.

Did you know that Nextel was the first cell phone company to come out with polyphonic ringtones? Yep, back in 2002 Nextel ringtones were the first to go truly polyphonic, thus changing the way we think of cell phone ringtones, as well as our awareness of just how terrible our friends’ tastes in music can be.

It wasn’t until 2003 that the polyphonic ring tones first innovated by the Nextel cell phone company really took off and fully saturated the cell phone market, becoming all the rage in tech trends for sure. After Nextel came out with polyphonic ringtones in 2002 the other cell phone manufacturers and service providers scrambled to offer the same technology to their customers.

Various cell phone companies came up with their own proprietary polyphonic ringtone lines with catchy names like ‘Nokia True Tones’ and ring tone websites began springing up all over the place.

Of course nowadays the burning ringtone technology is MP3 ringtones. These are the clearest ring tones because they are songs exactly as they would be heard if played form a stereo. Users can transfer MP3 ring tones to their phones using Bluetooth technology or downloading them from the cell phone company website. I strongly advise against using one of the third party ringtone websites, as many of these are fraught with hidden recurring charges that will be put on your cell phone bill.

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