No Debts And No Regrets

Are you too comfortable with debt? Do you owe heaps of money on your mortgage, credit cards, etc? So did I – it all gets a bit ho-hum. We are all spending more cash lately to keep up with Mr and Mrs McMansion next door, and sinking deeper and deeper into debt. When our parents were young, debt was a bad thing. People spent their whole lives saving up for stuff, so that they wouldn’t embarrass themselves by borrowing money. Fast forward 25 years or so and you don’t think twice about putting your groceries on a credit card if you are a bit short this week. All of which means that most of us have some form of debt hanging over us, most of the time. No wonder we have gotten used to the idea.

In these days of easy credit and relatively low-interest rates it’s not that hard to slip into the habit of living beyond your means. You make the minimum repayments and life goes on – after all, everyone you know is in debt too. It’s just part of life. Except it doesn’t have to be. I remembered the values my parents had. I made a great effort and wiped out my credit card. That lasted for about two minutes – there I was back in debt again and with a higher balance than before. After all it doesn’t feel like spending real money when you use that card does it? It’s all too easy. I loved the feel of coming home with all those bags of goodies! I was going nowhere fast, and deeper and deeper into debt.

I talked to girlfriends who were all in the same boat – they were no help whatsoever. I called my best friend who is the only person I know that lives within his means. He suggested I use the “net” and go to his favourite ebook superstore cbdeluxe and check out what was to offer in the way of professional help. That changed my life! If I had of known about this ebook superstore months ago I’d have saved myself god knows how much blood, sweat, and tears. There was the answer sitting there waiting for me to log on to. It was the bible of of how to get out of debt, and stay out of debt – whether you owed $2000 or $200,000. The information both shocked and amazed me – and it will you too.

I guess you have heard all this before but I am serious – it has changed my life completely. The answer was not filing for bankruptcy – nor sneaking out of paying for your bills. It was not about living on the smell of an oily rag, nor increasing your income. It was not hard to do (I did it!) and it was not illegal or immoral! I used the advice, and pretty soon my debt started to shrink dramatically! I know this sounds too good to be true, but I didn’t go out and get a second job, or increase my income to do it. I didn’t even get a loan, or any other such nonsense you are commonly told to do. The system is just 4 simple steps. I followed this to the letter and all I can tell you is, IT WORKED FOR ME!

For me I now know I will never go back to the way I was because the feeling is so great – I just can’t describe it. For all these years I always had a debt of some kind – like most of us. So whether it’s your mortgage, credit card, or car that is causing the debt problem or all three, I highly recommend you just give it a go. I know how bad I felt, I just want to help anyone who is lost, or weak or whatever excuse we use for that debt problem.

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