No Need To Fear Poverty As It Can Be Overcome By Focusing On Super Prosperity

‘When Poverty enters from the front door of a house, the Love runs away from the back door’. That is a saying from the past and is equally true in the modern times too. And to safe-guard love at home, as home is where the heart is, we should not leave the door open for the ruinous poverty to slide in, even a little bit. The poverty, the destroyer of love spells doom.

We have seen at least a glimpse of poverty at certain stages in life. Haven’t we?

We see the dreadful shadow of poverty when we loose a job, get laid off even temporally, suffers a heavy financial loss, find unable to make ends meet, encounter deficiencies of income, fall in to heavy debt etc. At such a time a nice house-hold would appear a hell-on -earth to one who is under the shade of poverty.

What causes poverty? Is it ‘the stars and stars above us that that governs our fate’, or is it our own negative thought patterns or is the poverty the result of bad luck. Let us analyze.

As believed from earliest times, if it is the fate that causes poverty, then it can be overcome with determined endeavor as we can see many examples of people who were in utter poverty but with courageous attempts were able to overcome it and build vast fortunes for themselves and generations to follow, Walt Disney’s story is one good example. The world abounds with poof that the fate can be over come with consistent purpose-focused-efforts. The secret is the rubber ball principle. That is a rubber ball bounces back when it is dropped down. Greater its fall higher it bounces. The life too has its falls. The falls are the failures in life. Every time you fall, if you bounce back like the rubber ball, then your failures will support you to bounce back to success. When continued with an unruffled determination you will go on falling and bouncing higher and higher to reach your focused level of attainment.

If it is not the fate but it is ones own negative thought-patterns that slip one in to a poverty situation (as present day theorists believes), then too the poverty can be overcome. The negative thoughts can be replaced with positive thoughts with focused efforts to leave no room in the mind for negative thought patterns to dominate. Once the mind is built up with positive thoughts the pin-point focus should be on reaching your life’s purpose. Then the positive thoughts will give enough power to one to energetically spring up to a high level of prosperity overcoming setbacks at poverty levels. This in other words is putting ‘Think and believe everything is Possible’ in to practice.

If for instance, it is nothing else but one’s bad luck that brings misfortune that leads one to poverty, as many people think, and then too it can be overcome. There is a saying that goes on like this “Luck is nothing else, but the end product of Pluck.” Yes, ‘Pluck’ means courage.

And with undeterred courage (that can even move mountains) poverty can be moved out of sight. Therefore, we need not worry even if the poverty situation resulted due to bad luck.

As you see what ever the causes of poverty may be, what we need to avoid poverty is focused, unwavering, resolute, dogged courage. With courage you also need cast-iron focus at a vision, a definite goal set high above the poverty level. Importantly, it has to be at a higher level of prosperity well above the reach of poverty. Thus, a goal at super Prosperity level should be the focus. That is a level that ensures Financial Freedom. It will be a level of effortless wealth generations to fulfill your and your loved ones dreams and fill your home with love.

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