Parents and Kids Mountain Bike Fun

If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast chances are your kids are too. Kids mountain bike sports are fun and exciting but also a bit scary for the parents. If your kids love the sport like you do you should invest in a good kids mountain bike along with the proper gear. Mountain biking teaches kids some great values and gives them a sense of accomplishment. If done properly they’ll enjoy the sport for many years to come. If you want them to be as safe as possible out there get them a kids mountain bike.

A kids mountain bike is just like an adult bike but in a smaller frame size. The frame size is important. A bike that is improperly fitted will be difficult to control and that can be hazardous on rough mountain terrain. A properly fitted bike on the other hand will be much easier for your child to control and therefore is much safer. Get the proper frame size and then adjust the seat to a correct position including the right height as well as angle.

When it comes to a kids mountain bike they aren’t all created equally. You can purchase a kids mountain bike at a local discount store but you’ll get what you pay for. Cheaper bikes are much heavier and this can make mountain biking too strenuous for youngsters. They’ll quickly tire and soon give up mountain biking altogether. Don’t watch your kids struggle as they chug to try to get up the hills.

A better choice for a kids mountain bike is a good quality bike that is both durable and easy to handle. Size the bike properly even if it means you’ll have to go up a size with a new bike next year. Along with a good quality mountain bike it’s also important to have the proper safety gear. This should include a helmet gloves and pads. Wearing the right shoes is also important not only for better handling of the bike but also for safety reasons.

Practice is important to any sport and is especially so with mountain biking. Some of the trails can be extreme and falling can cause serious injury. Teach your child the basic techniques of mountain biking. Then take them out for plenty of practice in areas that don’t have rough terrain. Practice is essential to learning the proper ways of handling the mountain bike. Another important element is learning to fall the right way. This can save many broken bones. Teach kids not to tense up when they fall and to try to tuck into a ball to minimize injuries.

If your kids are serious about mountain biking you may want to support their efforts and help keep them safe by sending them to mountain bike camp. You can find kids mountain bike classes, day camps and overnight camps in many areas across the country. This can increase their skill level and boost their confidence. It’s amazing to see how quickly kids learn sports such as this one.

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