Performance Bicycles: What Is Performance?

In order to talk about performance bicycles, we should define the term. We all know what bicycle means, but what about performance? I think that many people tend to define the word performance as the ability to offer top performance, meaning top speeds, top maneuverability, top smooth mechanical functioning.

While all of those minor definitions certainly pertain to an overall concept of performance, I’d like to offer another view of performance as related to bicycles. Though we all want to be the next Lance Armstrong, our own best personal performance does not have to reflect world’s records for speed or distance.

In my opinion, for the non-professional bike rider, even the more serious bike rider, performance should really be an issue of finding the bike that best fits your lifestyle and this is going to include things other than top, high speed racing performance.\

The best bike for the more common user has many non-race related factors to take under consideration. How much can I spend on a bike? I have to carry my bike upstairs, will the bike be heavy to lift? There are many practical concerns that may end up making more of a difference than shaving a couple seconds of your mile.

One thing to consider is where you will be storing your bike, and where it will be kept when you ride it to various destinations. You may not want to have a flashy top of the line bike in particular parts of town anyway.

And if you want to get into the topic of non-flashy bikes, boy, could I talk your ear off. There are so many awesome things about recycling old bikes into fabulously functional and affordable new bikes!

Sustainability is the way to go. Every time we’re able to use what already exists we’re giving someone a new bike that may not be able to afford one otherwise. Or perhaps we’re merely saving a spot in a landfill where stuff he haven’t figured out how to recycle can go.

Consider all your concerns and interests surrounding the type of bike that will best fit into your lifestyle and your community. You may learn something about yourself and the other people like you living just next door.

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