Pilates Workout Equipment – 5 Piece Recommendations

One of the really nice things about pilates workout equipment is the abundance of different routines and accessories that you can use that will keep your body from getting used to a certain routine. If your body gets ‘bored’ and used to your routine, it won’t be as challenged and you won’t see as many results. It’s best for your body, and your mind, if you keep your routine unique, that way you’ll constantly be challenging your body which will help keep it from plateauing.

There are many pieces of pilates workout equipment you can use for your home gym. Some pieces are fairly pricey, but can perform a lot of different exercises, while other pieces are much less expensive. Your needs and budget will help you determine what the best pieces will be for you.

1. One of the biggest investments you can make in your home pilates equipment is to buy a reformer. These can vary greatly in looks, size and price. This piece of equipment will make it possible for you to get the most out of your pilates workouts by adding resistance and maintaining proper form.

2. Fitness balls. While these things look like fun, they can provide you with a serious workout. There are dozens or more exercises you can use a ball for. You can find them in most sporting goods or large discount department stores. They do come in different sizes and you may need various sizes for different exercises. Make sure that you buy a pump so that you can inflate your fitness ball ( many balls will come with a pump, check first).

3. A magic circle, also called an exercise ring, can help provide resistance and give your whole body a good workout. They are small so you can take it with you or use it outside if you want.

4. A mat. This staple is another one of those pieces of equipment that you can use virtually anywhere. Make sure to get a mat that is at least 1/2 inch thick. Again, you can find mats in sporting goods stores or discount department stores.

5. A workout DVD. There are many different instructors and many different styles and music choices when it comes to picking out a pilates DVD. The important thing is that you find one where you like the instructor, the music and that is geared to your skill level. Pilates is often thought to be ‘easy’. In reality it can be a very challenging workout and using the proper form is imperative to get optimum results, and avoid injury. To save money, check with your local video rental store or library. Trying the DVD out before you buy it is a wise thing to do if at all possible.

There are many different types of pilates workout equipment available. You can always start with the smaller pieces and as your skill level, and money saved, increases add more of the expensive accessories to your home gym. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let a small budget stop you from enjoying all the benefits of a pilates workout.

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