Pine Casket – Plain And Simple Tips

Most people don’t realize that caskets are one of the most expensive aspects when it comes to planning a funeral. They may also not realize that there is a wide range of casket prices, it really depends on what the casket it made out of and what type of embellishments there are. When it comes to a wood casket you can choose from many species of wood, but one of the least expensive is a pine casket.

With all the choices available for a wood casket, mahogany, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, etc, pine is the least expensive when it comes to a solid wood casket. But if you were to get a wood veneer you may even be able to get the casket for less than a solid pine would cost. That is because with a veneer most of the casket is particle board and is only covered with a thin veneer of a nicer, more expensive hardwood.

The caskets will all have a beautiful hand finished exterior that will shine in the sun. Since a casket made of pine is inexpensive most casket stores won’t even have one on display since they want to direct their customers to the more expensive models.

When purchasing your casket make sure to take some time to look around and don’t just buy one from the local funeral home. Funeral homes can only do so many funerals a year and for that reason they need to charge a premium on all their services, the price of the casket is one of those premiums. It’s a federal law that a funeral home must allow you to buy as much, or as little, from them as you want. They cannot refuse to allow you to use a casket you bought online or from another source, if they try, they are breaking the law.

If you are thinking of ordering your casket from an online source such as a store or a large volume wholesaler, make sure you take a few minutes to verify who you’re dealing with. There are many very honest and dependable casket stores online, but unfortunately there are some that aren’t honest and will gladly take advantage of you in your time of grief. Don’t fall victim to them, be choosy about who you deal with.

Make sure too that you carefully factor in all the costs, including shipping, when buying online. You don’t want to think you’ve just got a great deal on a beautiful casket only to find out that once you include shipping you will actually break even, or worse, pay more.

Be clear as to when you need the casket delivered to the funeral home. It’s vitally important that no one assumes anything. You need to let the casket store know the exact day, date, and time to make the delivery and also make sure to let the funeral director know when it’s supposed to arrive and where it will be coming from.

It’s so difficult to keep everything straight in this time of grief, but one decision that should be pretty easy is the one to use a pine casket which will make the funeral easier to afford, which will make things easier on everyone.

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