Power Wheelchair Considerations

Wheelchairs have been developed for all kinds of people and have been designed to meet their needs. And as society evolves so are wheelchairs. Hence, power wheelchairs have been developed to enhance the quality of life of disabled individuals. They have been a result of innovation in the market. Power wheelchairs are basically wheelchairs that do not need to be physically propelled because they use electricity to make them move. When it comes to deciding whether powered chairs are best for you than manual wheelchairs, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to consider your lifestyle and activities of daily living before buying the wheelchair.

Ideally, power wheelchairs are best for people who are unable to propel manual wheelchairs but require independent mobility. When considering power wheelchairs, it is also necessary to consider development and physical factors such as visual perception, posture and coordination. Also consider the environment and living conditions. Since power wheelchairs are heavier than manual chairs they cannot be easily lifted on curbs ad steps. Hence, it is important that the environment that the user has have wide doors and halls to accommodate the wheelchair. Think carefully of how you will use the chair to make sure that it will hold up to your needs.

Decide also if you will be traveling a lot because power wheelchairs do not fold conveniently making them difficult to transport. Additionally, remember that these kinds of chair are run by electricity so you need to consider the batteries and charger. Most importantly, since they are high-powered chairs you also need to consider the cost. To reduce the cost of powered wheelchairs, you can purchase them secondhand. However, remember that secondhand chairs don’t have transferable warranty so be careful when purchasing them. In addition, a good way to reduce the cost is to have part of the cost covered by you and some by your medical insurance.

Advantages of power wheelchair include great sophistication in stability and control, availability in different types and provide little strength to travel distances. They can also reduce the pain in the arms and shoulders from daily use. Hence, power wheelchairs can permit continued activities even if there us a decline in the body’s function. A doctor or physical therapist can help in making sure that the input device is positioned carefully for your physical skills. Hence, before buying your power wheelchair make sure that you have the right reasons and that they will meet your needs.

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