Protect Your Car Insurance Claims By Security Marking Your Car

The theft of belongings and electrical equipment from cars is on the increase and more so now with the introduction of and gain in popularity of the costly satellite navigation systems that are being installed in many cars. Thieves are targeting this piece of expensive equipment which has lead to more and more people claiming on their car insurance.

However a simple measure is all that is needed to deter the thieves when it comes to targeting your sat nav system. By having it security marked it will be less desirable to a thief as they can be traced back to the owner more easily. Security marking of your belongings doesn’t take long and some police forces across the country are for a limited time offering to do this free of charge, so it is worthwhile checking with your police force to see if they are offering this. If not then crimes prevention unit in your area can give you free advice on where to go to get your system marked.

Having your system security coded can save you money in the long run as if you claim on your car insurance for the theft then this will boost your premium up. With security coding you are less likely to claim. Security coding simply means that you have your post code etched into the system and it is a quick and easy process.

If property such as this is security coded then it is classed as “hot” property and thieves are very wary of taking it as it is harder to sell on to others and greatly reduces the amount that the thieves can get for item. However in the case that a thief risks it and takes the system there is a far better chance that it can be recovered and returned.

It seems that the female motorists are being targeted more than the male, thieves are taking advantage of the single female motorist and police forces say that women drivers in particular should not only have their equipment security marked to avoid being targeted but should also be extremely careful when driving alone.

Always lock the car doors as thieves are targeting and getting into cars and women are being assaulted and robbed. So not only should you security code your sat nav and other belongings such as DVD players to save you money on your insurance claims, take precautions that you stay safe and secure when out driving alone.

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