Protecting Your Identity – Tips For Prevention

These days, protecting your identity is as important as ever. Some people may think that protecting themselves is an effort in futility but if you have ever been a victim of identity theft you know that everyone needs to be as careful as possible. let me give you a refresher course in how to go about keeping your sensitive information private.

First, if you keep your social security card in your wallet, get it out and put it someplace safe. Make sure you have memorized your social security number so you have it at the ready when you need it. My father made me memorize my number when he gave me my card when I got my first job as a teenager. I think most people have their number memorized but if you don’t then do it before you lock your card away. This is the best thing to do when starting to put measures in place for protecting your identity.

When that is done get on the internet and change that online banking password that you have been using since you opened your account. Make a note of when you change this password and be sure to change it every three or four months to keep all your banking secure. Your bank may even require you to change your password regularly.

Speaking of passwords, make your password extra strong by not using anything that someone can guess very easily. Make any password you use strong by combining capital letters with numbers and lower case letters. When you need to also come up with an answer to a security question make sure you think about who knows the answer to the question you choose. If someone can guess your password and your security question answer then they will have no problem stealing your identity.

Protect yourself by being suspicious of everyone who asks for your social security number. If someone asks for your number ask them why they need it, how it will be used and what measures they take to protect your sensitive information. If they refuse to answer these questions or try to give you the runaround, do not give out your number.

Be extra careful when you mail letters or other correspondence if it has your information in it. Do not put these in your home mailbox, take them directly to the post office and drop them in the box outside the post office or take them in and give them to the clerk inside. If you are going to be gone from your home if you go on vacation or will just be gone for 24 hours, have the post office hold your mail and go pick it up when you get home. Never let your mail sit in the mailbox, anyone can steal your mail and get all kinds of information about you that they can use to steal your identity.

Use these tips when protecting your identity and you will never be a victim of identity theft.

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