Psoriasis Home Remedies – Simple But Effective

Psoriasis is a recurring skin condition that makes the affected area have a thick, silvery, white, or red patchy look. It occurs most often on the elbows, back, knees, and in the armpits. An overproduction of skin cells is the cause for this condition and can be treated by using one of many psoriasis home remedies either in conjunction with doctor prescribed pills and creams or as a replacement for prescription medications. Even though this condition can’t be cured, it can be effectively treated to alleviate some of the worst symptoms and provide some relief from the embarrassing red patches.

One of the best things to treat your skin with is emollients. An emollient can help by keeping your skin hydrated. It will prevent moisture loss and keep your skin supple this will decrease the flaking and itching associated with an outbreak. Olive oil or good old fashioned baby oil can do wonders. Applying an emollient to your skin when it is still damp after a shower is the best way to use it.

Saltwater has also been shown to help with psoriasis outbreaks. The Dead sea provides some of the most mineralized intensive sea water on the planet. The addition of these minerals makes the use of sea water even more beneficial.

Recent studies have shown that getting direct sunlight on the affected area has provided relief for over 90% of those that suffer from psoriasis. Though sunlight is good for the affected areas of your body, make sure to put sunscreen on the rest of your skin so you don’t increase your chances for skin cancer and so you don’t get a bad sunburn. With psoriasis, you’re in enough discomfort, you don’t want to add a bad sunburn to that list.

You may or may not know that psoriasis can also have a negative impact on your joints. That is why it’s important to so some regular, gentle exercises. Some great exercise choices would include swimming or yoga. If you do experience pain apply an ice pack to the affected area. You can also use joint supplements to keep your joints healthy.

Gently sloughing off the dead skin in the affected areas can be done by applying a softening agent after your shower and than taking a soft cloth and gently rubbing. Just make sure you don’t rub too hard, you don’t want to damage the healthy skin underneath.

If you’ve suffered from psoriasis you know what a challenge it can be to find effective relief from the itchy scaly skin. Everyone is different and will respond differently to various treatments both from a dcotor as well as psoriasis home remedies. The important thing is to take a little time to find which remedies work best for you, and which ones don’t. Sometimes the best idea is to combine prescription and natural remedies. Just make sure to discuss any natural treatment you want to try with your doctor first so they can advise you about any potential interactions with prescription or OTC drugs you may already be using.

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