Psychological Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Many people, smokers and non-smokers alike, are aware of the harmful ingredients contained in today’s cigarettes. Most are also very aware of the long-lasting and potentially lethal effects that smoking- including second-hand smoke- can cause in individuals who inhale it. What you might not be aware of are the psychological benefits that can come when one kicks the habit of cigarettes. Sometimes, these benefits are surprising and can be every bit as beneficial as the numerous physical effects that will occur as your body begins to heal itself after beating the habit.

The biggest psychological benefit that comes with kicking the smoking habit is the sense of accomplishment when the task is done. When you finally stop smoking for good, there is a tremendous sense that you have shaken a very large monkey off of your back. Quitting smoking is an extremely difficult task, and those who manage to do it have every right to feel as though they can conquer the world, and this feeling will spill over into other areas of your life and help you in achieving other goals. Once you beat a habit that has been plaguing you for years, that is in fact an actual physical addiction, you will understand that there is not much you cannot accomplish once you put your mind and will into it.

As smoking becomes a distant memory, you will also be surprised in the rise of your self-esteem levels. No one denies that a big part of smoking includes the effort to cover up the smell- on your breath, on your hands, on your clothes, and in your car and your house. Once you quit, these smells become less and less of a problem, and you will no longer have to worry about other people- from lovers to your kids- shying away from you due to the smell that clings to you. You will also probably notice that your own sense of smell improves as the smoke cloud dissipates, and this too can carry with it enormous psychological benefits as you once again discover all the wonders of a spring morning, the smell of outdoor barbecues from your neighbors, and the general smells of the outdoors.

Quitting smoking also lifts a severe burden off the shoulders of smokers as far as other family members go. Many smokers are cognizant of the risks and in that vein endeavor to discourage their closest family members not to start the habit. However, as long as you yourself are smoking there is always the taint of hypocrisy attached to your words. Once you have managed to quit, this feeling will disappear and you will be able to lead by example instead of just with words.

If you are considering ceasing your smoking habit, there are thousands of others who have walked that road and who are waiting to help you out. The benefits are enormous, and some of them, like the psychological benefits, you may not expect. Be prepared to enter a whole new world of feeling once you butt out for good.

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