Remedy for Dry Skin – Overcome your Dry Skin

Finding the right remedy for dry skin can be vitally important if you are dealing with uncomfortable and itchy dry skin. Dealing with dry skin is not impossible because there are a wide variety of different home remedies for you to choose from. Combine the following skin care methods in different ways until you find a mix that works well for you. Each remedy for dry skin is going to benefit your skin in different ways. Creating a combination that works well for you is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your dry skin regimen.

– * You can take advantage of the healing benefits of oatmeal when it comes to treating dry or damaged skin. Oatmeal offers some truly skin soothing effects that were first discovered more than 4,000 years ago. Many people are just beginning to understand these benefits because when you put oatmeal in your bath it is capable of behaving as a soothing agent. You can pour approximately 2 cups woth of colloidal oatmeal such as Aveeno into a bathtub full of lukewarm water. Colloidal means that the oatmeal has been converted into a fine powder that will suspend in the water rather thank sinking into the bottom of the tub.

You can use oatmeal as if it were a soap substitute, for example. Tie a little bit of colloidal oatmeal into a washcloth or handkerchief, then dunk it in the water, squeeze the excess water out and then use it just like you would use a typical washcloth for a nice soothing effect.

– * You should also choose soaps that are superfatted. Most types of soap contain a material called lye in them, and while it is great for the process of cleaning, it is also very irritating when your skin is already dry. It is recommended, then, that you avoid strong types of soap like Ivory or Dial in favor of a super fatted soap such as Dove, Neutrogena or Basis. These super fatted soaps contain extra amounts of fats like cold cream, coconut oil, cocoa butter and lanolin which are added to the soap mix during the manufacturing process.

Products like Dove, for example, are not really actually soap at all. They are more like using a cold cream. There are trade offs to consider when it comes to choosing a product like this, as super fatted soaps do not tend to clean as well, but they are also far less irritating when it comes to washing dry skin, and this makes a real difference when it comes to remedying dry skin at home.

You can overcome your dry skin issues when you use the right home remedies. Use the above remedies and other skin care remedies to restore health and beauty to your skin once more. Keep in mind that the skin care regimen for you will be different than for other people.

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