retin a acne scars, Does It Help?

Retin A has been used for years for a wide range of skin conditions, though it is most commonly known for helping eliminate acne scars. It has been shown to help correct not only skin texture problems but skin discoloration as well. If you want to know about Retin A acne scars this article can educate you on what the process entails as well as let you know what results you can reasonably expect.

This topical cream comes in a generic form called tretinoin. Retin A comes from Retinol which is a form of Vitamin A. Retin A enhances the already significant benefits of vitamin A by encouraging the function of the molecules that make up the skin cells. This process will help increase the rate at which the skin cells replenish themselves, thus helping skin clear up more quickly. With the growth of new skins cells there is also more collagen and elastin which are two of the most important elements of healthy skin, this helps improve the overall health of the skin cells. Retin A can also help by keeping the buildup of toxins such as bacteria, oil and dirt to a minimum which can help prevent further breakouts and many aging issues. Retin A helps fight of the enzymes that are responsible for aging skin such as those that contribute to wrinkles and less elasticity and sagging.

Retin A helps eliminate acne scars in two ways: it addresses the skin discoloration whether the skin has turned darker (hyper pigmentation) or lighter (hypo pigmentation) and it helps even out the surface of the skin by eliminating, or decreasing, the irregularities such as sunken, dimpled, or raised skin. By targeting the two components of acne scarring Retin A helps return skin to a more normal, smooth appearance. Your skin will look closer to the way it did prior to your acne outbreaks.

Retin A must only be used under doctor supervision. While this treatment has been shown to be very effective with many skin problems, not just acne scars, it can also interact badly with other skin care products and will create an extreme sensitivity to sunlight when in use. You must stay out of the sun when you are using Retin A to eliminate the risk of further damage to your already compromised skin.

Retin a acne scars is an effective method for reversing the damaging effects on your skin from severe acne outbreaks. It can help alleviate the uneven texture as well as correct skin discoloration. Retin A can also help prevent future breakouts by keeping your skin clear of toxins which can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Just keep the warnings in mind, especially the extreme sun sensitivity, so that you don’t cause further damage to your skin. Your dermatologist can provide you with further treatment options as well as a prescription for Retin A if that is appropriate. Just remember, that you can have clear, attractive skin again, don’t give up.

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