Roller coaster rides

Whenever one sees an amusement park, thoughts of one’s childhood and youth would easily come back. One would then reminisce about old times with their friends and going to such amusement parks. Bringing back memories of childhood is also a flashback to all those games and rides, clowns and magicians, and all the wonderful things we enjoyed as young ones.

Amusement parks are built to entertain and provide enjoyment to people. These parks are usually located near places or communities where local residents and tourists can converge. These amusement parks have different attractions and events that help increase the fun and excitement of the place. People from all walks of life gather to visit these amazing parks and try to win teddy bears, experience 3D movies, go inside a haunted house, and of course, to take a ride on those humongous and hell-raising rides.

Unfortunately, not all children are allowed to ride all the best amusement rides available. Children can go and ride on mini-ferris wheels, bump cars, swan rides, or those types of slow, safe rides that were specifically designed for children.

The real deal is experienced when older children and teenagers get to ride on the tallest, and scariest ride of them all: the roller coaster. In every amusement park, there is this one major thrill ride that every teenager and roller coaster maniac hopes to ride on. Roller coasters vary in size, speed, loops, and tunnels — all of which are guaranteed to give the rider the ultimate rush.

At the start of the line, the rider automatically feels the fear and anxiety as they await their turn in riding their favorite roller coaster. Displaying mixed feelings of worry and fear, combined with excitement and the adrenaline rush, these riders always muster enough courage to face this breathtaking ride.

Aside from the ride itself, another thought lingers at the back of the mind of every roller coaster junkie. In the past, a number of roller coasters have malfunctioned. These accidents have also become a source of fear and anxiety for both the avid roller coaster rider and those who are just content with watching others do the loops and turns. For some reason, the challenge and the accomplishment felt by riding the roller coaster takes away all the fear and anxiety they had before they took the ride.

There are some people who are brave enough to ride roller coasters because they want to satisfy their curiosity or they gave in to peer pressure. Others just ride because they do not have any choice left, since all their friends are taking the ride. These people are the ones who are inclined to feel and experience nausea and vomiting. Since roller coasters are often designed to take 360 degrees turns and fast drops.

Nausea and vomiting are quite common in roller coasters rides. There is no way to avoid nausea and vomiting when riding on a roller coaster. Roller coasters are for the adventurous type, those people who wants to have fun and be challenged at the same time. Just be safe, and pray for your life!

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