Save Money On Your Internet, Cell Phones And Other Communication Devices Today!

Most people these days own a mobile phone and use the internet to communicate with their friends and family.

In these economic conditions, it is worth having a look at how you could cut your household costs. Here are ten tips on how you could cut costs today:

1) Make long distance calls using the internet. Cell phones are more expensive especially as you can download a free service like Skype. As long as your friend has access to the internet you can talk for free.

2) Search for better deals using the internet. Cellular phone providers are always trying to find new ways of increasing their market share. They do this by either offering discounts or additional minutes under their plans.

3) Want to check out a mobile phone before you make the purchase? Using the internet, cell phone reviews are very easy to find. Just make sure it is an actual review and not a poorly disguised sales pitch.

4) If you are currently using different companies for your internet connection, cell phone and cable tv, you may be able to save more money. Call up each provider and check whether they offer all three facilities under one package. Use the prices they have quoted to get the best deal. You would be surprised how much money one company will knock off their initial quote if they are afraid they will lose an existing good client to the competition.

5) Always examine your bills every month as mistakes do happen and more often than the carriers will admit to. If you have been a cell phone customer for a number of years, ring the company to make sure you are on the best package. Unfortunately they are not likely to ring you to help you to save money although some might.

6) Slash your costs by getting rid of the expensive but unnecessary options that most cellular phone companies try to sell. I am talking about things like phone line insurance or equipment maintenance etc.

7) Get your bills over the internet. Cell phone companies can charge up to $1 for a paper bill -thats a saving of $12 a year. Not a lot but if you found 100 ways of saving $1 a month, and put this money towards your mortgage you would save a fortune in interest costs.

8) Never pay for an internet email service. Google and Yahoo both provide free email accounts so ditch paid services. Just make sure you copy your contacts over first though!

9) Monitor what you use for communicating with your friends. For example, it is cheaper for me to phone my parents who live in another country via my mobile rather than my house phone. It is generally cheaper to look up something on the internet via your laptop rather than your cell phone.

10) If you have kids and a partner consider getting a family plan for your cellphones to benefit from options such as free texts and calls to certain numbers etc.

By making small changes like the ones outlined above, you can cut your household budget. With the Internet, cell phones and other bills it is very easy to lose track of where our money is going every month. Hence why most of us have more month than money!

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