Second hand stairlifts

Buying a second hand stairlift it becoming simpler with the advent of the internet and sites such as eBay.

It is now possible to buy a second hand stairlift relatively cheaply, especially from new home owners who have purchased a house with a pre fitted lift, which they do not require.

Before buying second hand it is worth considering the age and history of the stairlift. Questions to ask may include:

How old is the stairlift?

Can spare parts still be obtained?

Has it been regularly serviced?

Can it be easily re fitted in your property?

One of the main concerns when buying second hand other than ensuring it is in good working order, is whether the lift can be fitted in your home, and finding someone who can undertake the fit for you. There is no point buying a cheap second hand stairlift if it cannot be fitted. If you have a curved staircase the likelihood of finding a second hand lift is slime, as curved stairlifts are usually tailor made for each staircase. Straight staircase is much simpler and the likelihood of find a second hand lift is much greater, as it usually a matter of adjusting the length of the track.


It is possible to purchase second hand or reconditioned stairlifts from reputable retailers, rather than private individuals. Although buying from a retailer will generally be more expensive you are assured that the lift can be installed professionally and with the possibility of ongoing maintenance and servicing if require.

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