Seven Alcoholism Symptoms You May Want To Watch For

When you think you may have come to the point where you might have a problem with alcoholism, symptoms may be pointing you to the truth. Some may be the effects that it has on you physically, other symptoms might be the effect that it has on you in other ways. Many symptoms will have to do with those around you and your relationships. There are many things that might be pointing you towards the truth, but here are seven symptoms that might help the light come on in understanding what is happening to you.

1- You may have tried to prove to yourself that you don’t have a problem by trying to stop for a period of time. Some would try a week. If you can’t make it past a couple of days without getting a drink, you very well could have a problem with alcoholism.

2- If all you can think about is getting that next drink and you feel a bit out of control, you definitely have a problem. What many people fail to do here is be honest with themselves. It is a hard thing to admit that you have lost control. Do yourself a favor and be truthful about this. Honestly answer the question if you have lost control.

3- If alcohol or the thought of it takes up a large amount of your time and focus, you might have a large problem. Do you constantly have to work to get yourself in situations where can you get that drink? Do you have to work hard to shuffle things around it or hide it? Do your thoughts easily stray to when can you get that next drink? If this is how it is, you might be nearing that critical stage where you are obsessed with alcohol. Once you have reached that point, it becomes incredibly hard to quit.

4- Are you feeling guilty about your drinking or feel shame about it? The tough thing about this is people usually begin lashing out or getting defensive. Sometimes people will feel defeated and see no point in trying to try to get well. They just give up. Both of these can turn into bigger problems. Do not let this get out of control.

5- Are you feeling withdrawal symptoms when you go any length of time without a drink? Some things to look for are anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, shaking, or sweating. Any combination of these that you feel can point to a problem, especially if they can only be remedied by taking a drink.

6- You may go into a situation thinking that you are only going to have a couple of drinks, but once you get started, it’s hard to stop. If you are constantly unable to drink as little as you wanted and tend to go overboard, then alcoholism is very possible.

7- You may not want to admit that they are right, but if friends or family members are beginning to worry about you and think you might have a problem, you may want to listen to them or at least seriously consider that they are on to something. You might think that they are only wanting to control you, but it is more likely that they are genuinely concerned that you are about to destroy your life. At least consider this might be true.

The hardest thing to do is to admit that you have a problem. This will take some serious introspection and some honest answers as you look at the alcoholism symptoms, but the sooner that you can come to the truth, the sooner you can get about conquering your problem.

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