Simple Eczema Solutions

If you’ve ever been disappointed or discouraged by regular medical procedures regarding Eczema, these tips may help you. There are a few proven methods to gaining Eczema relief that have little to do with drugs, medication or Doctors. Check them out below.

1-Keep your skin moisturized

The key here is consistency. Set yourself a regime, and stick to it. The more often the better, usually once in the evening and once in the morning is very beneficial. In the morning, you want to apply the moisturizer after your bath or shower. Towel your skin lightly so it is mostly dry but still a little damp, and apply the moisturizer then. This will enable your body to absorb a lot of the moisture left over from the bath. As a side note, if you can find an unscented moisturizer you may better off, as scenting agents have been proved to exacerbate Eczema. Imagine coating your skin in something that is only going to make it worse!

2-Give Your Diet A Makeover

This may require seeing a dietician, or anyone else trained to give advice on diet in relation to your health. Many people underestimate the importance of diet, but think of it this way-you may be eating the wrong kinds of foods right now, and making your Eczema 3 or 4 times as bad as it would otherwise be. Scientists have sometimes found that highly acidic foods are linked to Eczema, so you may experience benefits by cutting down on them, or by taking kelp supplements, which are very high in alkali and can neutralize the acid in some foods.

3- Get Some Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin E is great when applied directly affected Eczema areas, as it has proven anti microbial qualities. This doesn’t mean to much to most people, but certain microbes and bacteria are thought to be responsible for a large percentage of the itching and discomfort from Eczema, so removing them with Vitamin E can really bring some relief. Also, it’s worth noting that synthetic vitamin E will not have the same benefits as a natural version.

4- Dress Smart!

I mean use your brain, not wearing smart clothing! Throw out any clothing or bedding or towels or anything that you find even slightly. A minor irritation like this can really cause problems long term. Replace it all with the softest 100% cotton you can find. Also, rethink your laundry situation. Detergents and softeners etc can wreak havoc with skin conditions, so you may want to switch to natural unscented detergents etc to combat this.

Eczema can ruin your life-if you let it. But it doesn’t have to. If you play smart and work against it using the pointers above, you can experience some real relief and start to gain some real headway in getting rid of it forever.

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