Singer Sewing Machines Online

If you’re looking for a top notch sewing machine then Singer may be the best way to go. With a long history including more than 150 years of producing top of the line sewing machines, Singer sewing machines com recommended by many professionals and people in the know as being one of the best dewing machines you can buy.

If you visit the Singer sewing machines website you can view several different helpful sections to find information about choosing a new sewing machine, a fun sewing project to take on, read about the Singer Company’s colorful history of sewing machine innovation, or find customer support for your sewing machine issue.

There is even a handy store locator that will help you find the nearest Singer retail location where you can purchase a new or used Singer sewing machine. Since these machines are notorious for being durable, purchasing a used Singer sewing machine is not a bad idea at all.

Though some Singer outlets deal with used sewing machines in addition to factory new ones, you may have better luck finding a nice used Singer sewing machine online at one of the popular auction websites, such as Yahoo auctions or EBay.

The customer support section of the Singer website is nicely structured and quite full of useful information. You can read about commonly asked questions and answers, read specific sewing machine instructions for the machine you own, complete product registration forms for your machine and check on serial numbers of sewing machines manufactured

You can contact customer service via email at for any questions not answered on the site. You can also find out about warranty centers in the U.S. and Canada, to which you can bring your warranty issues and machines that need repair.

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