Snoring- Causes and Cures

If you sleep next to someone who snores, you know what it is like. Constantly being awakened in the middle of the night, shoving them over on their side only to waken again when they roll back. The snoring does not seem to bother the sleeper, but can bother their partner so much that there are several attacks a year on snoring sleepers by their sleep mates. Before you decide to hit your snoring partner with large, heavy objects, there are some medical reasons for snoring that you should know about.

Relaxed muscles in the throat caused by alcohol or over the counter sleep medication can cause snoring, large tonsils or adenoids can cause snoring as well. Obstructed nasal passages such as a stuffy nose can cause snoring, so if your snoring sleeper is sensitive during hay fever season, that could be the reason. If the snoring is very loud, raspy, and constant, there are medical doctors and sleep clinics specially designed to help with sleep disturbances, and surgery may be needed.

Snoring followed by the sleeper appearing to stop breathing altogether is called sleep apnea and is a very serious condition. Sleep apnea can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, impotency, weight gain, and headaches. Therefore, you should seek medical advice and attention.

If the snoring is light, you can take some preventative measures. Regular exercise and losing weight can help. In addition, avoid taking medication that makes you sleepy, and try to sleep on your side rather than your back. Propping a pillow behind you can help keep you from rolling over on to your back during the night thus disturbing your sleep mate again.

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