Snoring problem cure.

Does anyone in your family have a snoring problem?

I have finally found a cure. About two years ago I started to snore. It got to the point that my soul mate, wife and lover of over 36 years had to leave the room and sleep on the couch. I also had sleep apnea. I would stop breathing and my wife stayed awake to make sure I would start breathing again. In summary she wasn’t getting much sleep at night, and I wasn’t getting much quality sleep either. Either Gila (my wife) was shaking me to get me to breath or I was waking myself up with the noise.

Finally about a year ago I went to the local sleep clinic. Their conclusion was I was a borderline candidate for the positive air pressure masks one wears at night to cure the condition. My wife said “NO” to that idea, as the noise from the machine would be as bad as my snoring. About a year after my visit to the sleep clinic I saw an ad on the internet by accident. It talked about a devise called a “Snore Guard”. I called the doctor at the sleep clinic and asked why he never mentioned this possible solution last year. He said he didn’t bring it up because most dental insurance plans don’t pay for it. It was apparent form his answer that he was purely profit motivated. He would only profit it I purchased the noisy air pressure devise and was not about to talk about something that he wouldn’t profit from.

To make a long story short, I went to my dentist and got the snore guard. It worked! And to top it off, my dental insurance covered all but about $125. I don’t snore and I don’t stop breathing in my sleep. I feel rested in the morning and best of all, my wife is able to sleep all night for the first time in two years. The dentist said they have about a 80% success rate with this appliance. I was real surprised that I didn’t know about this device sine I was a dental technician in the Army and my wife was a dental technician in the past and her sister is currently a dental technician. I wish I had known about this sooner. The brand name of the appliance that I use is “Silent Nite”. Ask your dentist about it or just the generic term “snore guard” to see what he or she might recommend. Just so you know, I have no affiliation with the maker of the product. There are other similar products on the market and if any of you have experience with those let me know and I will pass on the information. Just one more side note, it was not hard to get used to wearing the appliance at night. It is very comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

Richard R Evans

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