Special Effect Contact Lenses – Straight Into Your Cornea

Unfortunately, contact lenses are way more expensive than eyeglasses. Even though a pair of lenses is significantly cheaper than a pair of glasses, contact lenses must be replaced time and time again and they require cleansing solution too. Occasionally hospitals and charity organizations will offer eye checkups and give out free contact lenses but there is a way you can save money on contacts regularly.

Instead of purchasing lenses through your doctor, shop around online! Not only is it more convenient to buy contacts online, but it also allows you to easily research the brands that your optometrist has recommended. But most of all, you can sometimes save up to 70% on lenses buy purchasing them over the internet. Pay attention to consumer reviews and shipping costs.

And be careful on the World Wide Web. Your eyes are delicate and important – do not order contact lenses online if you are not well researched about the web-based company selling them to you. As long as you are familiar with the brand and quality of the contacts you order however, you should be fine.

Also, cosmetic contact lenses are not typically purchased but when they are, they are much cheaper than prescribed lenses and even go at bargain prices sometimes. When someone buys these lenses, it is for mere decorative purposes though.

Decorative color contact lenses and special effect contact lenses are available without prescription and a wide variety of options and prices exist – but anyone interested in these prescription free contact lenses should be especially concerned about the reputation of the company selling them. More anonymous internet companies sporting prescription free contact lenses may not be as reliable as a local eye care professional. Make sure the lenses are FDA-approved before purchase.

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