Spill Control: Preventing Exposure to Contaminants

In today’s work environment, professionals who come in contact with blood and fluid waste products run the risk of exposure to potentially infectious hazards. In my particular industry, aviation, the chance of someone coming into contact with an unknown substance can be great, particularly for in-flight crew. There are a variety of products on the market that can help prevent or limit your exposure including the two featured herein.

One product to consider to help promote a safe clean up is SAFETEC’S Red-Z. Red-Z works by simply sprinkling the encapsulator on spilled blood, urine, vomit or other potentially hazardous waste and the fluid is encapsulated in seconds. Just scoop-up the granulated gel and dispose in accordance with facility policy.

VIONEX Antimicrobial Towelettes provide significant germ killing effectiveness with a sturdy, textured towel for thorough scrubbing. The towel is saturated with enough germ killing and cleansing solution to cover the hands and more. Use VIONEX towelettes to safely and effectively remove blood and body fluids from any skin surface. Each towelette is individually pouched to assure effectiveness and they are easily carried and available when you need them.

VIONEX towelettes meet OSHA’s standard for use as an “antiseptic towelette”. You can choose VIONEX No Rinse Gel or the Towelette, when soap and water are not available.

While this article is not an endorsement of either product, items such as these can go a long way in offering to you effective protection.

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