Stamina Pilates Equipment – Tone Body – Mind – Sprit

When it comes to exercise it may seem like Pilates is the ‘new kid on the block’, but that’s not completely accurate. Pilates has been around for decades and though it’s only starting to get more mainstream attention in the U.S. it has been popular in Europe and other parts of the world since it was created. Pilates is all about stretching and strengthening your muscles and incorporating a whole body and mind approach to fitness. Pilates can be done on the floor with a mat and some resistance bands or it can be done on many different types of equipment, most notable the reformer. Many companies make pilates equipment and one of the top manufacturers is stamina pilates equipment.

Stamina Aero Pilates makes a full line of pilates reformers. They offer choices that range from inexpensive, fairly basic models all the way up to professional style models you might see in a studio. All of the reformers regardless of price or how elaborate they are offer the user a full workout that will allow them to vastly improve their flexibility and agility all while strengthening their muscles, and without the bulk of some more traditional muscle building exercises.

Stamina is the only company to offer their patented Free Form Cardio Rebounder that will allow you to introduce more of a cardio element to your pilates workout. This aerobic workout is low impact and perfect for anyone who is just starting out as well as people who are undergoing rehab. Research has shown that the Cardio Rebounder is actually a more effective calorie burner than traditional treadmill or elliptical workouts and will allow you to reach and maintain optimum heart rates more effectively, all without the jarring that can come with jogging on a treadmill.

Another benefit is that there are literally hundreds of exercises you can do on this machine, that will help prevent you from plateauing in your exercise routines and getting bored. The different exercises can be transitioned from one to the next quickly and easily so you don’t have to spend so much of your workout time just getting the machine set up properly.

If you check out review for various types of reformers online you will find dozens, if not hundreds of glowing reviews for this piece of equipment. It’s the only reformer on the market today that can give you a complete workout including cardio. It’s not often that you can find one workout that can offer you cardio benefits as well as stretching and strength training. Traditionally you’d have to do several different workouts to get all of those benefits but with stamina pilates equipment and it’s unique cardio rebounder you can get it all with just this one workout which can save a lot of time.

Since all of the exercises that you can do on the rebounder are gentle and controlled and the cardio is low impact, this is the perfect machine for people who are just getting started. It’s less likely that they will get injured during their workouts so that they can stay motivated and moving forward with their fitness routine.

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