Staying young at a price you can afford

A recent program on the UK TV has caused a bit of a stir in fact a bit of a pandemonium its because they dd some independent tests on face creams and a particular brand by Boots won. Well not just won but it was significantly better than any other product on the market.

Of course this has led to the stuff leaving the shelves faster than it can be made and even rationing has taken place on this product amazing. So at the moment the product that reduces the effects of ageing is currently out of stock at most Boots stores however it is getting sold in a kind of black market.

It is of course most peoples dream to look as young as possible except when your sixteen trying to get served in a pub or obtaining alcohol from a store then its no help at all. However if you did what i did when i was younger i made documentation I was a good forger of a kind when younger.

I base this on POW films they managed to forge passes documents etc with almost no materials so in this day and age easy. Back to the face cream. I manage to obtain some by hook crook and a lot of queing. My lady requested some and you know if your a man when your lady requests something, A woman has the ability to almost always to ask for the impossible.

My survival always depends on being able to produce the impossible both at home and at work. At home i gave my lady the No. 7 Protect & perfect she has been using this now for a few weeks and it really make a hell of difference and i’m not saying that as joke.

I was amazed at the improvement of lines and wrinkles my woman looks very attractive to start with but this has really enhanced her appearance. The No 7 Protect & Perfect solution does a very good job of re vitalising the skin from the daily attack of the suns rays that can do so much damage to the skin.

I have managed to secure a regular supply of this prooduct and i’m sure that there is not just me who agrees that this product makes a real difference in protecting the skin and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

Boots have had a waiting list for this product of upto 10,000 people so such is the strength of this market i’m sure that Boots share will have gone up on the strength of this remarkable product.

They had also an interview on the TV from one of the large shopping centres located in the manchester area of people queing to get the product and some of the beauticians were interviewed and revealed that this product was the best on the market and beats products that are priced at over a thousand a jar.

So to help your partner keep her good looks and maintain her attractiveness then make sure that you check out this product but dont take my word for this and do some research a personal recomendation is always very good advice but get more than one and always look up the product.

Hers to looking good to a ripe old age.

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