Step by Step Approach to Prosperity Consciousness

What is “prosperity Consiousness” and why would you want it? This term implies a complete certainty that there is more than enough happiness, wealth, love, etc. to go around for everyone and it is just a question of believing that it is there. This committed belief is what deems this prosperity true in your life.

Have you been asking yourself how some people seem to have everything? How can you yourself attract this aura that so many are seeking. Is some of it luck? Possibly. But there are many who weren’t born into prosperity. They acquired it through other means and a strong mindset. This mindset often involves prosperity consciousness.

If you possess this mindset, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our universe holds an abundance of time, love, happiness, energy, ideas, money, wisdom, health and all coveted qualities. If you possess this mindset you know that you will always prosper and have more than enough of everything. You know that you will achieve your goals. In even more basic terms, you are a positive thinker even when life throws you a curve ball, and you don’t give up because you know that you will achieve your goal despite all odds. Perhaps what really distinguishes positive thinkers from negative thinkers is that if obstacles appear (as they always will), the positive thinker views these as temporary situations rather than something permanent. The permanent situation is the life they want to lead.

So, how do you build a prosperity consciousness?

Set goals about the direction that you want your life to go. Investigate what others have done to achieve similar goals and start modeling them.

Retrain your mind to think in positives. Rather than thinking of the problems, think of the solutions. To help you reprogram your brain, you can take classes on positive thinking or spirituality, read books, listen to CDs and just generally be aware of the differences between negative and positive thoughts. Most of us have been trained to think in negative terms. It may take a while to break this habit.

Do everything you can to give up anger, resentment, or envy for others. These negative emotions stop the flow of energy.

Associate with positive, optimistic, giving and spiritually-conscious people. And avoid or limit your contact with negative thinkers who drain your metal or spiritual energy. If possible, avoid watching or reading negative news (these days, most news is bad news).

Think and act as the person you want to be. Put a smile on your face. Take care of yourself. It’s ok if you haven’t yet met your goals. You soon will if you follow these tips.

Gather as many friends and allies as you can and do everything you can to help them, as they will also help you. All of these actions will help you to perfect your prosperity consciousness and to begin to reap from it.

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