Stuttering Therapy Course

There are many types of therapy for stuttering available these days, in this article I describe life after overcoming a stutter. I hope you enjoy the read.

My name is Steve Hill and I had a speech impediment known as stuttering from the age of four. The stutter continued to have a damaging affect on my life for eighteen years. At the age of twenty-two, I had had enough and started looking into different forms of stuttering therapy. In the end, I formulated my own stuttering cure techniques and after nearly a year of practice and dedication, managed to overcome the stutter.

I was then able to order food and drink for example, without the fear of stuttering, speak on the telephone with confidence and am able to enjoy going out with my friends and family on social occasions. I have become a much happier and positive person, life which was once a struggle is now a pleasure. I now appreciate my new found fluency and am talking far much more than I ever did in the past. I have even been accused of talking too much, but this is something I will never apologise for as I am sure people will understand.

A few years ago I met my present girlfriend, Sharron, who has an eleven-year-old daughter, called Taryn. Together we have a son who is five years old, called Ethan.

During the years when I had the stutter, I always accepted second best. I left school because of the stutter, dated girls which to be truthful, not only did I not feel attracted to, but did not particularly find interesting and certainly did not love. My stuttering mind convinced me that I could do no better. I was unhappy where I worked, but just accepted it; I did not feel able to put myself through the interview process again.

I now only accept the best and my life has improved tremendously.

In general, what fluency has given me is:

1. Confidence 2. Happiness 3. Contentment 4. Optimism 5. Success 6. Relaxation

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