Sunburn – How To Prevent Sunburn and Remain Wrinkle Free?

Sunburn causes damage to the skin. We may forget the sun burn after we get cured, but our skin does not. It gets hurt permanently. Repeated sunburns damage the skin beyond repair and very early signs of wrinkles, sunspots and other skin disorders appear. You want to remain looking young forever. Am I right? Then know how to prevent getting sun burnt.

Sun Burn- precautions

1. Wear a good sun block or sunscreen that will give you protection against the wide spectrum of UV rays. Reapply after every two hours. If you are very fair, choose a higher SPF- 30. Otherwise 15 SPF is good enough.

2. Use a wide brimmed hat to cover your scalp and face. Sun can cause problems in your scalp and most of the early lesions are found on ear etc. Protect scalp and face with a hat that does not allow light in.

3. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes against UV radiation. Along with that you will also be protecting your skin around the eyes or it will develop crow’s feet much faster.

4. Wear clothing that covers most of the body. Walking with fewer clothes in the sun is a recipe for disaster for the skin.

5. Don’t think that clouds stop UV. They allow a lot of it to enter and hurt the skin. Even if the day is cloudy, take all the above precautions.

By protecting yourself from sunburns you are saving your youth for a much longer time and also preventing any skin cancer.

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