Sunburn- How To Protect From Sunburn?

Those with white skin have a real danger from sunburns. Repeated sunburns may not only cause cancer but can also lead to death. Those with dark skinned get tanned. But one who has very fair skin will not get tanned but get burnt. Let us find out more about sunburns and how to protect by adopting simple measures.

Effects of Sunburn –

Sunburn causes redness and swelling. The burn effects do not show immediately but take two to six hours after the sunburn and peak within twenty-four hours. The effects of sunburn result in redness, swelling, pain, blisters and the skin may feel hot to touch. In severe cases the affected person develops fever. Some people get so sun burnt that they suffer from second-degree burns and may go into shock and even death. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is another result. Regular application of sunscreens can save you from so much trouble. Learn more about sunscreens here.

Sunburn treatment –

It is easier to prevent sunburn than to treat them. If you get sun burnt, your doctor may ask you to apply steroid creams at regular intervals and may give aspirin tablets. Aloe Vera lotion also provides relief in sunburns.

Sunburn Protection –

Protect yourself from sunburns by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 15, wear a wide brimmed hat, wear sunglasses, avoid moving out in the afternoons- 10 to 4 in the day. Cover yourself with protective clothing and take extra care when you are on heights, near the beach or sand.

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