Term Life Insurance – Fables And Reality Part 2

In our last article we discussed common thinking of why people choose not to be insured. The previous issues were working at home, being young and healthy and having the mortgage paid. Again we will see that term life insurance is adaptable to your needs.

Term Life Insurance Fable #4

If life insurance is cheap, it’s not good : sorry, no deal. Term life insurance is purchased for the length of time the mortgage needs to be paid or to replace an income. If the life insurance policy is purchased early, the premiums are low and will last the length of the policy and the life of the policy holder. It is cheap and getting cheaper, as people are living longer.

Term Life Insurance Fable #5

They are covered through work: When an employer gives you coverage as part of your employment package, it is not a portable policy. If you changed jobs, you can’t take the policy with you and may face higher premiums when trying to apply again. Also, the coverage an employer owned term life insurance policy gives you may be limited and not give you as much coverage as a personal life insurance policy you could own yourself.

Life Insurance Fable #6

Getting life insurance the old fashioned way can be very stressful: shopping through the internet for your own term life insurance is extremely easy. You are able to compare competitive rates that companies offer; a very simple and time saving method. Online brokers like ourselves reply promptly to all requests. Making appointments with a single company broker and trying to do the comparison yourself, could be a major headache.

The Case For Term Life Insurance:

No matter what financial situation you are in, you need term life insurance to complete your financial picture. The basic concept of life is to prepare for the worst case scenario, so it’s advisable to start planning and discussing your financial planning needs which include discussions on the need for term life insurance.

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