The Amazing Secrets of Anti Aging Skin Care

Your own personal anti aging skin care program starts with some easy lifestyle changes. As we get older, our skin will inevitably age and begin to break down. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking to excess, and poor diet can all affect the health of your skin, along with that of your body. Adding exercise to your routine and protecting yourself from the sun are two more things you can do to prevent premature aging.

Of course, the sun is a major factor in causing most skin damage. If you must be in direct sunlight, be sure to always wear some type of sun protection. Unfiltered UV rays from the sun will break down the cells of the skin and destroy vital collagen and elastin. The result of this is dry, brittle skin on the face, hands, and any other area exposed to the sun. Hand creams and moisturizing lotion can restore the moisture your skin needs to stay smooth and soft.

The level of sun protection you need in your anti aging skin care products will depend on your skin’s complexion. SPF 15 may be sufficient for most people, but some lighter-skinned people may need even more protection. When in doubt, err on the side of more sun protection, not less. You only get one skin, you have to take care of it for the rest of your life.

Other factors causing skin damage are extreme cold or heat, high winds, and extreme dryness. Most red skin in the wintertime is caused more by wind than any reflection of sunlight or UV rays. If you’re going to be exposed to wind, cold, dry air, or any combination of these, the best anti aging skin care products to use are good moisturizers that include sun protections. Remember to re-apply as needed, especially if you will be active and the product may be washed or sweated away.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol to excess may also dry out and damage your skin. Even in younger smokers, premature aging has been noted due to cigarette smoke. It is possible that even secondhand smoke can cause skin damage, so be careful in bars, restaurants, or other smoky environments.

Similarly, alcohol consumption damages your skin: it dries the skin and often causes permanent enlargement of the tiny blood capillaries close to the surface. Even topical products containing alcohol will dry the skin. If you smoke or drink too much, stop – even the best anti aging skin care products cannot prevent or reverse the damage that they do.

Cosmetic products with antioxidants provide another level of protection for your skin. Antioxidants have been shown to remove free radicals, a byproduct of the body’s metabolism that can damage and break down skin cells. There are a number of moisturizers or anti-wrinkle creams with antioxidants to help reduce this damage. Because the body is always producing free radicals, antioxidant anti aging skin care products should be used on a daily basis for the most protection.

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